Giata is one of the world biggest hotel database for tourism content. I worked in the Concept, UX design & Prototype of Giata’s new app.

Designing the new app required various discovery and conception phases, detailed research, different user experience solutions and countless wireframes.



UX Design
UI Design
Responsive Design


Agency   Luxid Media


The idea was to customise the new GIATA app for its diferent users. In order to make the user experience as easy as possible, we created different user journeys and dashboards. One for the OTA's, one for the hoteliers to upload their hotel inventory files and another one for the GIATA workers which made a very different use of it.



Create a Room

An intuitive animated modal screen formular allows me to quickly and easily insert a new room and add details to it.



Upload Images

A drag and drop image uploader makes uploading your hotel images easier and more intuitive than ever. The imaages are mapped by Giata's plugin and set into categories automatically.



Multilingual property info

An intuitive multiselect form adds functionality allowing the selection of different languages to enter your property information in different countries